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Just call or stop by the Club and fill out a simple application form. Our friendly management team will follow up with all the details. Membership opens up exciting worlds of dining, socializing and entertainment. Membership also provides access to dozens of affiliated clubs all over the region and North America. It’s your key to meeting new friends and accessing highly-rated facilities that are not open to the general public.


Full Club and Harbour Privileges
Ages 26 - 35
Full Club & Harbour Privileges
Do not maintain a residence within a 75 kilometer radius of the club
or maintain sole residence outside of Canada

Fees, Dues & Minimums

Initiation Fees
Active Member $1250
Intermediate ( 35 and under ) $625
Out of Town Social Member * $1250

*sole residence outside of Canada or outside of 75km radius of the Club.


Monthly Fees Dues Capital Reserve Annual Min Expenditures
Intermediate Members $96.20 / month $28.80 / month $450
Active Members $148.00 / month $48.00 / month $900
Out of Town Social Members $74.00 / month $24.00 / month ~

NOTE: HST is applicable to all of the above charges

HST is applicable to all charges. Taxes (HST) and gratuities are not included in the calculation of minimum charges. Each member is responsible to spend the annual minimum amount that applies to their class of membership. For example, an Active Member is responsible to spend $900 (not including taxes or gratuity) on food and beverage purchases annually. The anniversary of this annual expenditure will be the last day of the member's birth month.
*Sole residence outside of Canada or outside of 75km radius of the Club.