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The Windsor Yacht Club was established in 1937. It began as a modest facility, blessed with an ideal location at the mouth of the Detroit River. In the decades that followed, a series of additions and renovations improved the Membership experience. In 1999, the old clubhouse was torn down to make way for a new facility that looks much like the one we enjoy today. Since then, our program of continuous improvement has seen ongoing renovations in and around the clubhouse, the addition of a swimming pool and a major refitting of the East Harbour. Together with the West Harbour and our newly added Riverside Harbour, our total berthing capacity is 158 vessels of up to 60 feet in length. The Harbour also features renovated poolside showers and bathrooms, along with our three popular barbeque areas. Kitchen services are available on a take-out or delivery basis to boaters in the East, West and Riverside Harbours.