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2024 Clubhouse Rules

  • The Windsor Yacht Club is a private club for the exclusive use of its Members. Non-members will not be admitted into the clubhouse except as a visitor or by invitation of the Directorate.
  • No visitor may be introduced into, or use the clubhouse on more than two occasions in any 30-day period. (Personal house guests from out of town are exempt from this rule). The sponsoring member must arrive with or prior to and not leave before his/her guests. The sponsoring member will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and accounts of his/her guests. In addition, any Member who resigns from the Club shall be prohibited from any Club function for a period of one year from the date of resignation. The allowance to be signed in on two occasions in any 30-day period for the past Member and spouse shall be for dining purposes only. Any past Member and spouse with an outstanding account shall not be allowed on the premises until which time the account is paid. Examples of Club functions include Euchre, Club parties, fleet cruises or any Member sponsored Club event to which the general membership is invited.
  • The name of every visitor and the sponsor must be entered in the Register provided. Any Member of the Executive, the Manager or the staff may at any time require any person on the premises to produce his/her membership card, or the name of his/her sponsor.
  • Members of recognized yacht clubs that have visiting arrangements with our Club shall be allowed the privileges of the clubhouse after having registered, so long as they abide by the Club rules.
  • The hours at which the Club will be open shall be found posted on the bulletin board.
  • Club furniture, periodicals, or any equipment must not be removed from the Club House or premises by any member.
  • The Club staff shall in no instance, be subject to reprimand, interference or harassment by any member.
  • Any member damaging or destroying property belonging to the Club shall pay such sum in compensation as the Board of Directors may think proper.
  • The Club will not at any time be responsible for the loss or damage to the property of any Members, his/her family or his/her guests.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited inside the clubhouse or any licensed service area inside or outside, except guide dogs, and must be on a leash at all times when on the property. You must clean up after your pet.
  • No member shall enter the Kitchen, Bar or Office except on Club business, and then only with the permission of the Club Staff.
  • All food or beverages consumed on the clubhouse premises must be prepared and served by the staff. Special catering arrangements made by the Manager are the only exception.
  • All Members and visitors must at all times adhere to the liquor laws of the Province of Ontario.
  • Members and visitors must use discretion in the matter of dress at all times, while in the clubhouse. As a minimum, Members and visitors must follow the dress code as posted in the clubhouse and Ship’s Log.
  • Members are expected to co-operate fully in the maintenance of clean premises, clean washrooms, and a clean harbour.
  • Any member infringing on any of the foregoing rules shall be liable to such penalties as the Board may decide.
  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the clubhouse. Designated smoking/vaping areas are posted outside the building where receptacles are placed for the disposal of cigarette butts. Please help us keep our property and our waters clean. The use of canabis products in any form is not allowed on the Club property.
  • Children under the legal drinking age in the Province of Ontario are not allowed to sit at the bar with the exception of attendance at the Club traditional children’s functions.
  • The Executive Chef and/or Manager shall be consulted and will approve all matters pertaining to food, including in-house menus, function menus and pricing.
  • VISITORS – A visitor may be introduced to the Club for one day or part thereof, when accompanied by a Member, upon the following conditions:
  1. Subject to Regulation Article 8, Group Functions, a Member introducing a visitor shall enter the visitor’s name in the book provided for that purpose together with that Member’s signature.
  2.  A visitor may stay in the clubhouse only during the time the Member is present. The same visitor may not be introduced to the Club more than twice in thirty (30) days.
  3. Any non-member, when accompanied by a Member and using only the docking or ground facilities of the Club, shall not be considered a visitor within the meaning of this rule.
  4. None of the above shall apply, if the visitor has been deemed undesirable by the Board of Directors.